Creating Beauty from Art

Do you believe that sometimes in life, you come across some things that haunt your mind forever? The drawing that inspired this shoot was one of those. 

Earlier this week, I got together with one of my favorite faces; the beautiful Najiba, to bring to life an artwork that I had seen nearly 6 years agoI met her 2 years ago on the set of a photoshoot for a bridal magazine & it was love at first sight =) Najiba has the most perfect face for this look; she is a quintessential Bengali Beauty, with a look that echoes Bipasha, Aishwarya and every other gorgeous Bollywood actress there ever was. Her exotic look captured the essence of this Tribal/Warrior Look perfectly. I was beyond thrilled with how the look turned out and I must add that her incredible personality is always the cherry on top of every shoot we do together! 

This was also my first time shooting my own beauty portraits & I must say that I am very proud of myself. Being able to capture a vision that had been on my mind for years, all on my own is a truly rewarding experience - I am so excited to publish these images soon. Stay tuned on my blog, to see the full write up on this collaboration and see the images first. In the mean time, check out these teasers from the back of the Camera: